Interior Design

Add a new dimension to design and architecture by adding movement to a regular drop ceiling.


With LedGo Interior Panels you turn the unused drop ceiling in every retail location into an application for information, advertisement and design. Turning every customer visit into a moving experience.


LedGo Interior Panels are ideal for active signage and displaying current information such as weather, traffic and other relevant moving images. Content can be adapted quickly to any situation, allowing you to respond instantly to changing conditions.


Moving images have great power in reaching target groups. Imagine the commercial potential of drop ceilings that display high quality video. Every interior becomes an experience!

Ledgo LED video panels – Quality from the Netherlands

LedGo is an international company with roots in the Netherlands, operating in the world of video, LED and visuals. Our team of technical and creative professionals has worked on applications for LED video for over a decade. We are driven by a desire to innovate. Our highest values are creativity, quality, technology and reliability. These are the building blocks of our DNA.

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How to obtain LED ceiling panels

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