Transform any Drop Ceiling into a video screen

LedGo Interior Panels allow you to create a drop ceiling that consists entirely of LED panels. Giving you the opportunity to transform any interior into an experience, using moving images. Display video, animation or film in full splendour thanks to the unique high-resolution LED panels that were developed by LedGo.

LedGo Interior Panels are attractive even when switched off. The front plate can be ordered in white or mirror. In addition, the led panels can be used as a source of light.

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The design

Size and weight

Most regular LED panels require major structural adjustments. None are needed for LedGO Interior Panels, they are easy to install and light weight.

Beautiful. On and Off

LedGo Interior Panels are even attractive when switched off. Chose a white front plate or a mirror.

Ceiling Panel Specs

Technical Specifications at a glance

Panel Resolution P4.5 128 x 128 pixels    P6 96 x 96 pixels
Max power 148 Watt
Delayed and soft start Yes
Average Power 40 Watt
Brightness max 500 Nits
Viewing Angle 180 Degrees, without color shift
Frequency AC Input 47 – 63 Hz
Voltage (Ac Input) 90 – 264 V
 Grayscale  12 Bit
 Panel Size  595 x 595 mm
 Weight  4.7 Kg
 Data In/Out  RJ45
 Power In/Out  IEC
 Refresh Rate  >2000
 Front Plane  White PMMA
 Ip Rating  IP20
 Colour temperature  Adjustable
 Life time  50.000 Hour

Ledgo LED video panels – Quality from the Netherlands

LedGo is an international company with roots in the Netherlands, operating in the world of video, LED and visuals. Our team of technical and creative professionals has worked on applications for LED video for over a decade. We are driven by a desire to innovate. Our highest values are creativity, quality, technology and reliability. These are the building blocks of our DNA.

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How to obtain LedGo Ceiling panels

Would you like to experience the endless possibilities of LedGo Interior Panels? Or are you interested in becoming a dealer? We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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